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Welcome to our company

Vision Equipment Co, Ltd specializes in providing equipments and solutions for industrial automation.
We trade, integrate and provide solutions in the fields of industry: welding, waterjet cutting, automatic lines, robotics, vision system using well-known products in the world… and industrial professional design and simulation softwares.
We have a team of experienced engineers can provide the appropriate solution for any demanding requirements in industrial production to develop production, improve productivity and economic efficiency.


Find more about our capabilities and skills. We work for you.


Research new technology

We specialize in researching new automation technology to bring customer the most advanced and optimal solutions that fit every aspect of your production line.


To bring the modernity and participation in the industry 4.0. Vision Equipment Co., Ltd. Automation solutions will be a step forward for the success of our customers.


Vision Equipment Co., Ltd. brings products and solutions to optimize the production from top quality brands such as Kuka, Matrox, ...

Our Team

Our team with highly qualified engineers got many years of experience, will solve the difficult problems of customers are encountered.

Solutions for Technology

We have advanced technology solutions to solve your problem: Robotic Solutions and Vision System


For us, being served and getting customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we always strive to offer the best technology and services to our customers.


Installation and programming

Our services include products that come with pre-programmed software installed in accordance with your purpose to improve productivity on your production line.

Maintenance and repairs

Our services include maintenance and repair of equipment for our customers to ensure that the equipment is always operating in the best condition.


Using our products, customers who need to upgrade or switch production, we will provide software system and hardware upgrading services to better meet the needs of new work.


Comes with the product, your training packages can operate the equipment in the most efficient and effective way.

kuka robot programing

With a team of experienced engineers, together with top quality brands in the world, we will bring to you the most complete products and services to meet the needs of customers. Let us improve productivity !!!

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