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Vision Equipment Co., Ltd is with you on the road of building a automation solution to optimize productivity and save money. Services ranging from conceptual design, analysis and application simulation to the selection and integration of robots to suitable for each individual by a team of experienced and dedicated engineers.

For each industry, different characteristics, we have solutions for your business. From KUKA automation robotics to Vision System solutions from the world's most respected and reputable brands will help you optimize your production system and beyond.

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Robotics Solutions

Robot solutions for separate needs require high productivity and accuracy.

Vision System

Camera inspection solutions for industrial automation products: semiconductors, electronic components, packaging, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, machine tools and automation.

Automatic system

Automation Solutions in the industry

Vision machine system

Our smart camera is a line of compact, capable smart cameras with an intuitive, versatile and extendable integrated development environment (IDE).

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The vision system includes a powerful image processing computer and multiple cameras to monitor the production line and perform many other integrated tasks.

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The applications of vision systems and smart cameras are diverse in many line of industry such as inspection product, vision for the robot, ...

Smart camera

Robotics Solutions

Our robotic solutions service that use for automate the industry. With the KUKA robot brand from Germany, superior quality will be the best choice for you.

Our robot solutions include providing KUKA Robot products for industrial applications, robot application programming, upgrading, repairing, training and commissioning of industrial robot systems to deliver optimum performance. .

We are always with you on the way to improve productivity and efficiency.

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