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A good and efficient production line will help you improve the quality of production and accompanying it's high profitability. With our customized conveyor system designed by our automation technology specialists, your product will be completed faster, service delivered faster and more profitable. increase accompanied by that. From standard custom designed conveyors, we also provide advanced solutions that increase your chain efficiency and achieve better results.

Let us help you enhance your success with a custom conveyor design! Learn more about VEC automation solutions.

Discovery VEC conveyor solutions

conveyor depositing

Depositing & Rejects


Not all products are fit to be sold. Products can be rejected by sight for reasons such as an irregularity or deformity, or they may fail a safety test such as metal detection. It is then necessary to remove the products from the production line. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this including a retracting tail which allows the rejected product to drop onto another conveyor or into a bin to be taken away or diverters, pushers, or gates to manipulate the product route.
Depositing: Sometimes, product needs to be placed onto another conveyor or a tray in precise rows or columns.  A retract conveyor can be equipped with sensors to ensure the product is placed exactly where it needs to be on whether it’s in a box, or on another conveyor.

Diverting & Sorting

Using a base standard conveyor and adding simple solutions, we can take product handling to the next level. Diverting and sorting product based on weight, shape, line capacity, and more is easily achieved and can significantly increase your throughput.

Product can be diverted using static guides and plows or dynamic gates and paddles.

  • Changes product direction to single or multiple locations
  • Often used to meter flow to specific areas or to separate products based on certain attributes
  • Control via proximity switches, photo eyes and counters is typical
  • Motion can be achieved via pneumatic or electric components
elevation conveyor

Elevations & Line Egress

In most facilities, space is a premium and conveyor location is often dependent on machinery and facility design. At Dorner, we don’t want our conveyors to impede your processes, but simplify them. We have several solutions designed to give you more floor space and easy access to machinery and other areas of your facility.  Whether you need walk-thru line access, trying to accommodate fork-lift traffic or simply need additional egress space, we can provide the perfect solution to fit your space. Access to equipment, work areas and the efficient movement of personnel can be provided by utilizing lift gates, pivot conveyors, and other elevating solutions.

Product Flow & Control

Controlling the continuous flow of products through the line is critical to maintain efficiency. Product Flow is achieved using a variety of methods and components depending upon the product, flow path and equipment with which to interface.


Product Handling

VEC’s industry leading product handling conveyor platforms are ideal for a variety of product types including boxes, flexible packaging, lose products and more. Our conveyors can be engineered or configured to aid in the creation and efficiency of packaging and processing lines. Products can be manipulated for efficiency including orientation, rotation, standing up, laying down, 90 degree transfers, and elevation changes. Products can also be prepared for secondary applications such as inspection, bar code reading, labeling, orientating, and settling.

Ứng dụng trong công nghiệp

The VEC conveyor design solutions are extremely diversified that can help customers improve production capacity, reduce costs and increase competitive value for the product. Combined with advanced automation solutions such as inspection cameras and robots, your system will be more scalable and optimized for production. Conveyors have been used in many industries in Vietnam such as transportation, manufacturing, food, automobile, mining, ... and many other fields. Some typical applications:




Conveyor sản xuất

Food technology


Other Industrial

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