Foundry and Forging

KUKA robotics for Foundry and Forging is your future

With many years of experience in the metal casting and automotive industry, KUKA has over 40 high quality robots - the KR QUANTEC F series with outstanding strengths:

  • Load from 6 - 1300kg
  • There is a protective coating against sap, acid, temperature and corrosion to operate in harsh, hazardous environments.
  • Ensure productivity regardless of the environment.
  • Master all forging processes with any material.
  • Combining the ability to transport large volumes and finished products.
  • The design is extremely sturdy and easy to maintain.

The robot arm is designed with V2A material  anti-corrosive, anti-dust, water-resistant that complies with IP67 protection standards. Therefore, robots can operate more effectively in different humidity and dust environments.


  • Availability: 100% real
  • Process is optimized.
  • Ensure production process.
  • Ensure productivity.
  • Easy to integrate peripherals.
  • Not endanger workers

KR240 Foundary.11

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