robot kuka milling


  • The KUKA Milling robot is a multi-axis machining system with the integration of a milling cutter tool on the robot arm that extends machining capabilities. This is an ideal choice for the sculpture industry.
  • With machined parts large or extreme large size, requiring high definition, hard to work by human, using robots will be the perfect choice.
  • KUKA Milling robot is a flexible choice system: it is possible to select robots that are suitable for the size, select the machining tool for machining materials such as wood, foam, stone, etc. The difficulty that machining methods on machine tools are encountering.

System optimization:

  • The milling tool is mounted on the 6 th axis, creating a cutting angle, free and flexible machining.
  • System configuration has been tested and perfected, can be immediately activated after a safe installation.
  • Friendly User Interface.
  • Shorten the payback period.
  • Wide range of applications, flexible. Boost output from system with fully automated solution.
  • Versatile expansion options. Flexibility in extending the positioning axis and linear.
  • Versatile installation options. Allows planning and layout design flexibility.
  • It is possible to process large details that CNC machines can't.

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