robot kuka waterjet

WaterJet Cutting

  • Waterjet Cutting is the process of using high-pressure jet water to hit the surface, disrupting the geometry of the material and forming cuts.
  • Vision Equipment Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to supporting the development of a separate waterjet cutting robot system for each application or for integrating new components into the existing system for optimum performance.
  • With robot systems, errors and risks will be eliminated and secured by robots controlled by professional simulation software.


The integrated KUKA Robot WaterJet Cutting system features:

  • Accurate cutting.
  • Varied processing materials: wood, steel, aluminum, glass, composite materials, ...
  • No heat, No change the physical properties of the material.
  • Not affected by heat tolerance.
  • No odor, no dust, no smoke,...
  • Easy to maintenance.
  • The powerful combination of CAM 5-axis software and robot collision simulations can enable any 3D complex workpiece system - making it highly effective on materials, especially Expensive materials.

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