The Prorunner mk1 is a compact and robust discontinuous product lift that requires minimal maintenance and is attractively priced

The Prorunner mk1 is a discontinuous vertical conveyor with a small footprint that excels in robustness and requires minimal maintenance, its steel structure is extremely stable under all circumstances.

By using a flat belt the Prorunner mk1 is completely silent in its movement, moreover, a flat belt of this type almost has no maintenance, no lubrication and tension in comparison  to chain driven system. This vertical conveyor has a very small footprint and can install  almost any factory layout.

Efficient vertical transport

The lift can easily hoist boxes, trays, boxes, crates, boxes or bags weighing up to 75 kg. The Prorunner mk1 is ideally suited for applications where maximum capacity of approximately 420 movements per hour is needed. Its compact design makes it a vertical conveyor with small footprint.

All this together makes the Prorunner mk1 an extremely efficient and economical solution for your vertical transportation. The standard version with an output level up to 2,500 mm and a driven roller conveyor and product support is already available at EUR 3,500*.

* Price for standard, implementation may vary based on specifications

Prorunner mk1: Accept and output products in three different directions

The Prorunner mk1 can be effortlessly integrated into almost any existing setting. The product elevator cannot only accept and output products via the left and/or right sides, but - if an appropriate product carrier is fitted - also from the front.

When configuring your system to best fit your situation, simply follow the step-by-step plan designed to make it easier for you to navigate the various options. You can use the adjoining illustration to help you select your infeed and outfeed options.

If you would like to elevate your products and feed them in from the left side, but output them to the front, choose combination A2. If you would like the product to descend and to feed the product both in and out to the right, choose combination 7G.

Prorunner mk1: extremely flexible product elevator

Due to its modular design, the Prorunner mk1 adapts easily to its operating environment. A standard roller conveyor (possibly driven) is included standard as a product carrier. This can optionally be replaced by a belt conveyor or other specific carrier. It is possible to install a custom conveyor without having to modify the construction. In this way, the elevator will optimally connect to the conveyor system in your production or distribution environment.

Customised infeed and outfeed heights

The infeed and outfeed heights may be freely chosen and are in principle not bound to a maximum height. It is also possible to use the Prorunner mk1 to supply multiple infeed or outfeed conveyors, so that the elevator can act as a vertical sorter.

The components that the system is made of are extremely low maintenance and durable.

Prorunner mk1 specifications:

  • Infeed height: 670 mm (minimum 360 mm)
  • Outfeed height: 2,600 mm (up to 11 metres)
  • Column height: 3,000 mm
  • Drive: SEW 0,55 kW
  • Capacity: up to 420 p/hour
  • Required surface: 500 x 900 mm

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